Educational Clinics

In addition to performing and recording sessions, Brian Ashley Jones is a guitar clinician for Alvarez/Yairi Guitars and Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and offers educational clinics for music schools, conferences, and songwriter organizations!
Here are a few of the clinics available…

Clinic Options

Clinic #1
Foundations For Guitar – Know Your Instrument

(Clinic can be adjusted according to experience level of attendees)

- Theory for songwriters (chord charting examples in number system and letters)
- Essential scales (focus on major scale, minor pentatonic, and dorian mode)
- Essential chords, voicings and inversions
- Soloing solo. Using the drone tone (drop D) and open tunings (focus on open G and A)
- Techniques for spicing up guitar lines/riffs – Arpeggios, Bass Lines, Hammer-ons & Pull-offs.
- Songwriting/Co-writing suggestions
- Anatomy of acoustic guitar – Setup/Playability – Size/Fit – Tone – Styles

Clinic #2
Wearing All The Hats – Survival Tips for the Do it Yourself Artist

- Booking yourself – Finding venues and booking gigs
- Making the most of networking contacts
- Setting realistic goals
- Radio Promotion/Publicity
- Minimizing road expenses

- Finding creative time
- Importance of maintaining energy levels/health on the road


For Information on Pricing and Availability Contact:
Brian Ashley Jones

Alvarez/Yairi Guitar Clinician
NSAI Pros On The Road Clinician